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About DJ ElectroShocks...

 Credits : Nuno Ramos Photography

My name is Chris, DJ, founding member of the group ElectroShocks and music lover. When I was child, I was dreaming to live in the world of the music. I was 8 years old when my parents offered me the possibility to do piano and solfege lessons.

Around my 12 years old, I didn't wished to continue learning lessons; the fact to follow a partition and respect all the indications, I didn't like it. The music should be (this is what I think) a personal interpretation, not just be limited with a tempo or a specific chord,... but play as I feel it. Even if I stopped the lessons, I didn't gave-up, spending hours in playing music, trying new technics et new styles.

By growing, I realized that the music must be a passion and not a professional activity in full time. So I studied to be a computer engineer. After beggining working, I began progressively to buy some music material in order to make me happy, musically speaking.


Step by step, the ElectroShocks group was founded in 2011, with my sisters and my wife. The group was a great opportunity for us to spend time together and share a common passion. During the choice of the name for the group, this one has to be easy to remember and follow these criteria:
Have the word "Electro" : because all our instruments are electronics, and also for the electro style added by us in our remakes and compositions; to give a style a bit more fresh.
The second one was to show that the group is young, dynamic and out of the ordinary than the other music groups.
In summary, the people should receive like "electroshocks" by listening our music, giving them the desire to move and dance.


In parallel, I was interested in the world of DJing and was thinking that this was a good way to complete my music skills. Self-taught, I spent a lot of hours in training, mixing, testing new devices, trying new technics, remixing, producing, watching tutorials,...

Then I participate at some DJ contests; that was a good way for me to be judged and receive advices, but also to become known. Then I wished also to do a small training by the Swiss DJ School in order to learn new tricks et receive some advices from a professional DJ.

Progressively, I began to play for public establishments and also for private events. That allowed me to practice, share my passion and to be known with the name DJ ElectroShocks.

My musical style is very large (All style), ensuring an event in almost any style of music. However, I have 2 preferences : Latino (electro latino, moombahton, reggaeton, rumba, karga,...) and mostly the House Music (nu-disco, deep, tech, tropical, funky/groovy, afro,...)

Credits : Nuno Ramos Photography

Wishing sharing this passion with other persons who are interested to learn, I'm also now teacher at MusiQ.

You can also listen me regularly on :